The research group has undertaken to carry out and collect interviews of old and new members of FORTH (Presidents, Directors, administrative personnel, Researchers, Collaborating University Faculty, technical personnel, etc.). It organizes, registers and digitizes personal archives of eminent figures of FORTH, like Lefteris Oikonomou , Fotis Kafatos along other members of FORTH. It collects digital and newborn digital archives along with historical instruments and other scientific and technological artifacts from all Institutes.

There are three categories of written/oral audio-visual historical material in paper and digital form:

FORTHistory Interviews & Oral Histories

We are collecting oral testimonies from FORTH members. Over 150 interviews have been collected and are currently being processed.

Press & Audiovisual Material

We have collected, recorded and digitized over 4,500 records in:
1) Daily & Periodical press
(local, national and international)
2) Radio/TV/ Web Broadcast Media Material.